For the communities of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, the Conejos Land Grant Region is an iconic landscape that connects the modern world to the lifestyle, traditions, and culture of the past.

Here at Conejos Clean Water, we operate with the understanding that water is our life source. Without clean water, there is no life - life that is connected to all things. That’s why we’re protecting our water, land, and air, fostering a healthy environment to improve our community’s health and wellbeing.

Our environment is more than just land, water, and air - it’s people too. We envision healthy spaces where we live, work, play, and learn. Also, we see and value the intersectionality of movements for social change, viewing them as a convergence of civil rights, environmentalism, and public health. Our social justice work is multicultural and multiethnic. It is grassroots, and it is linked to global struggles.

To this end, we work to build public awareness and encourage advocacy and education around environmental, social, economic, and food justice issues in the Conejos Land Grant Region.

Some photography provided by Irene Owsley



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Photo: Owsley

Photo: Owsley


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Photo: Owsley   

Photo: Owsley


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